Meet Lisa Toggle

Behind the Lens…


A moment so still yet it says so much, it can warm your heart right from the start, bring a tear to your eye as it does mine, and fill your soul with memories galore. My name is Lisa. I am a fun loving gal with a passion for capturing timeless portraits, whether it is the peaceful slumber of a newborn, the soft gaze of a child, or the confidence of a young individual. I hold near and dear to my heart this passion for creating a once in a lifetime moment, a treasure to look at for you.

Simply put, I love photography. My passion has surpassed normalcy! I’ve become somewhat of a prop junkie, collecting any prop imaginable! I started Cloud9 for the pure love of creating and making others happy through imagery. I live to capture the innocence of a child in their personality within every flash. I melt at the little laughs, smile at the goofy ones and hope for the candid ones. My props make me…well just old me, a creative, fun, free spirit.

I specialize in newborn and children photography. I pride myself on my love for children, being able to put a newborn at ease, skip around with a kid, or chase after a baby thus resulting in images that tell your personal story and a fun photography experience for every family. The best part of my job as a photographer is seeing the amazing newborns grow into little guys and gals with there own thoughts and individuality. Nothing speaks to the soul like a photograph.

Yours truly,